It’s the Hate Parade!

I don’t get as many chances to listen to loud music as I used to. I hate that. I hate you for that. That doesn’t make any sense and that’s how you can tell Hate is truly present. Irrational motions of violence are where Hate lives. Short sentences, senseless gibbering, foaming anger, instinctual fury all run down from the swamp of Hatred in black lines through obsidian rock gored on older boulders – the bones of the world. Make no mistake, Hate runs this world as much as any act of kindness. For they are one and all push this godless machine foreword. Not godless. Without God. We have no needs for the structure of relation to be up to those greater than us. We made the scale. We installed the base program and so the Universe exists as we see it. The only thing we cannot see through is ourselves. The only thing we cannot do is be less human. We’re as Human as it gets. It’s gross and I hate it.

When you employ Hatred you get the chance to watch Hate grow and mature – if you water it annually. It’s great. Hate becomes comfortable, easy even. Everything makes sense. As a bonus, you’ve acquired a new hobby due to your ability to detest anything within bounds of your Hate-field: Hatethusiasm.

Sometimes a person becomes so excited about Hating the thing it Hates its Hate becomes contagious and often really funny. Hence the Comedian.

Hate makes you smart in a lot of ways. The Dark Side is half of the Force. Half of the shit that forms all the shit, is the Dark Shit. My point is: There’s a lot of Sith Lords who are brilliant Force-wizards just like there’s Yoda. Some kind of Wisdom in Cruelty perhaps? Maybe just a sweet metal song. Anyway, Hate has a lot to teach the interested student. The closer the pupil comes to Hate, the closer it comes to calculated detachment, power dynamics, charisma, discipline and more than a few others. All the Bad Guys throughout all of time were emissaries of Hate and they had the skills to fight all of the champions of justice – no matter who’s side you were on. Basically, I’m doing a bad job of telling you the negative end of he spectrum is as fundamentally evil as an electron. It’s just negative. Neither one is better. That’s why every story is about the eternal conflict of Good and Evil, the two are eternally conflicted because neither side can triumph.

I mentioned something about the base program earlier. I’ve been thinking about the brain as a computer lately and have allowed the thought to be assimilated into my speech. When I mention a program or a similar computer-y word, I mean in it as a metaphor. Check it out: Hate is just a portion of the operating system one installs. As in: Hate is merely a piece of the general outlook a person prefers to maintain. What this works out to is that Hate is a constituent of the criteria by which we decide to assign things meaning. The meaning is still established, all is as it should be. There is no primordial agreement that the meaning has to mean anything so the constituents are universally irrelevant. Since we are not aware of our presence on the universal scale we have to sort this out with terms we’ve all decided to try and understand.

Right, so I believe I’ve established Hate as a force of considerable magnitude.

Can we all agree that Love is a force of equally considerable magnitude?

Like, without going into it kind of agree?

Cool. Hate=Love.

Let’s dive into some similarities. Hate and Love both make the bearer obsessive. “I can’t stop thinking about you baby.” “I can’t stop thinking about murdering you in front of your family.” Hate and Love both fill the host with incredible power. “That guy doesn’t give a fuck. Everyone Hates him but he still comes around because everyone is afraid of him.” “I love Billy the Thundergoat! She comes around and licks everyone on their faces!”

The magnitude is the same, the effect is different. The two move in similar ways but opposite directions.

I dunno man, I have no irrevocable proof for these assertions. I’ve just been thinking.

I’ll probably clean this up one day and have a demo-blog like a cool kid.


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