House of Faith

Is there really any reason to have faith?

Haven’t we lost more than that already?

The rally of the practically useless

Is no place for the remnants of reason.

We have divided ourselves amongst this house,

And we shall watch as it falls.



However, we are not what falls.

Of this, I do have faith.

Even a hut with a dirt floor is a house,

We needn’t give up already,

For this, there is no reason.

Cowardice is useless.


Faith outside ourselves is also useless

And with only that, each of us falls.

For this, there is a simple reason:

The only plunders received from faith

Were in our posession already.

We were born inside this house.


We’ve made a home of this house

But unhappy safety is useless.

And I’m sure you knew already,

That boredom is the cause of many falls.

Of this I need not a modicum of faith,

For I wield the battalions of reason.


Now let us put aside our reason

So that we may feel around the house

And let it rest on foundations of faith,

Though it seems a bit useless.

The house we love never falls

Of this, you knew nothing already.


We have played this game already

And dodged the realms of reason,

Where each one of us falls.

The street has replaced our house,

But it had become useless.

With only myself left, I place my faith.


Already, we radiate the forces of reason:

That which falls is that which is useless.

Our house will stand, of this I have faith.



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