Make Fun of Things.

   I have recently devoured this article on about hate-watching. Hate-watching is basically doing something because you hate it. This premise seems nonsensical but is actually a huge part of daily life. Perhaps a bit of it comes from Sun Tzu urging us to know the enemy, perhaps people really dig flinging hate around.

      To me, hate-watching or hate-doing points to our love of our hatred. We seem to enjoy throwing derision on things for a myriad of reasons. We bolster ourselves by condemning amateur techniques, which is the same function as bullying. If we can see why a show sucks we must be smarter than the people who created and who watch it. This process basically makes a psychic machine that converts bitterness into confidence by way of placing malleable anger on a piece of entertainment that follows the viewer’s cynical expectations. Therefore, the satisfaction of accurately predicting the next part of a pattern (in this case, the scenes in a television show) brings in feelings of intelligence. BAM victory.

    Hate-watching, from a more psychological side, could be a therapeutic system used to remove excess hate from the psychic anatomy. We project ourselves onto our environment. With this in mind, it isn’t such a leap to postulate the hate we feel for whatever piece of us  relates to this show gets thrown onto that part of the show and is effectively apart of that, no longer festering in our head. In other words, hate-watching is a way to flush excess hatred out of ourselves and place in it a harmless area of our lives. That show we hate now becomes a catharsis for the slew of negative aspects that culminate in hatred.

   We love to hate things because hate and love aren’t so separate. You irrationally cling to things you love and you never forgive the enemy for what they did. It’s like loving your punching bag. Why do you love your punching bag? Because it gives you something to wail on whenever you need it. You love to smash the shit out of it but you’ll be damned if you let someone take it out of your house. Sometimes, we love with our hate.

  That’s where the article took me. Check into it, let me know what you think and go find something stupid to make fun of.


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