The Mechanical Underground

I would like to reiterate something I thought of here: Anyone who considers themselves a scholar of humans would do well to remember they are one.

 There seems to be a division. A giant chasm between points of view exists that, I believe, is senseless.  On the one side we have the corporations, the government and the metaphysical criminals that run every country; we’ll call them The Machine. On the other, we have the dissenters, the freegans and the alleged students of a higher learning; let’s dub them The Underground. Each side believes in a set of extremes that are impossible to compromise and that happen to underlie the motions of the universe. Wooopty doo.

Neither side in any conflict is ever just right. In fact, I would argue that the unwillingness to compromise and adapt is worse off for everybody. Let me explain.

The Machine is destroying the planet to feed its own greed and is implementing heinous forms of control and is killing people for disagreeing and so on. The Underground is an impractical, rebellious force that wants to accept people for who they are and want to take charge as a form of state with inverted colors. Wait. If The Underground wants people to live and let live, why are they fighting? If The Machine wants to consume itself into a coma, why are they killing their crops? Both sides are hopelessly stuck into a conflict, unable to see the other’s point. It’s a Yin-Yang.

Perceiving the distinction between two things as anything more than a construct of the human mind causes conflicts such as this. Straight-up O.G. ignorance is all it is. I’m apart of it too because I would rather deal with the mental anguish and stimulation of society than till my own borrowed hunk of land for forty hours a week. Which is my own pile of shit to sift through.

A fight stops if you stop fighting it. We all know nobody wins in war, except the mushrooms. We have this tendency to think we’re above nature somehow, that things are man-made, that we were bestowed the Universe as some kind of gift. This is bullshit. We naturally occurred, did we not? No one says that a monkey brushing the termites off his teeth with a stick covered in moss is using an ape-made piece of technology. The monkey, instead of claws, has a bigger brain. That’s it, it’s natural just like us using computers.

You want to be in a perfect world? Kill yourself. The World IS perfect. Yes, there are terrible things that happen every day but not really. Those things are only terrible because you disagree with them. Love is super cool but I don’t think the poison ivy is hugging that tree until it happens to blissfully part from its companion. The ivy is strangling the tree, without even the decency to be discreet about it. My point is, the brutality of nature isn’t “wrong” it’s apart of what makes the World beautiful. In fact, without tragedies like that, what good would love be? Love would transform into the general mode of being and probably look a lot like the apathy that surrounds the daily lives of the living. Even when it sucks, it’s not that bad and even when it’s awesome it’s all utterly horrible. Trying to shape the World into something we want is enslavement, not progress. It’s like forcing old people to buy ipods because the latest generation thinks the ipods will make the old people’s lives better. You know what makes people’s lives better? Keeping your nose out of their fucking business. Everything will sink back into the blackness, this may sound defeatist and sad but that’s actually you. What’s actually wrong with the blackness? Probably just the fact that you don’t exist in there.  

Back to my original point, the only way to “win” this spiritual war about how to be is to just be. That’s all we fight over, how to be. If the Universe is limitless then it’s already passed progress and regress. If we are limitless, we exist in limitless facets and any facet we happen to be in at the time, on any arbitrary scale one might choose, is just as okay as any other spot.  The collision of opposites pulls us all into these dramas with an immense gravity and we play the part. 

I feel as though all living beings understand this, which is partially why it happens but it is good to step back and remember, occasionally. Especially when everyone seems so worried about it.   


“The ‘what should be’ never did exist, but people keep trying to live up to it. There is no ‘what should be,’ there is only what is.” -Lenny Bruce 

Fuckin’ guy was on point, man. Ooop, did I ruin my credibility because I didn’t curse more eloquently? Fuck you. 

This song is about the music scene in the eyes of Billy Corrigan. I think the themes can be applied to what I’ve brought up here.


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