Sailing The Absurd

Gather the constitution bestowed upon you, heat your blood to volatility and don’t close your eyes. You don’t want to miss everything you’re afraid to see. -Duwha?  

Yes. Jam your face into the mandibles of death and glare at it unflinchingly. There is nothing in the world as terrifying as our thoughts about it. Monsters live in our head, yes there are giant creatures that must assuredly be agents of an infinite evil but all that association is just in our heads. Squids do squid things, spiders do spider things, snakes do snake things and they are far too busy trying to survive to worry about haunting the minds of children, we do that. We paint ghosts of eight-legged monsters in the hearts of children that follow them as they travel their own thoughts.

People make an anthropomorphism of anything we can and the things that are far from our own anatomy become demons. We fear what we do not understand. It’s easy to like chimps, they do what we do. But how do we go about finding things in common with a cycloptic, tentacled, boneless, denizen of the ocean? Only through the purest abstractions. We project our fear onto these creatures who’s point of view we cannot hope to grasp and because these associations have been passed down to us through millennia, we accept them as fact. It’s very easy to use civilization to justify a thought process but that’s like using the most obscure synonym to define a word. 

Simply because we weren’t necessarily there when these points of view were expressed, the question of our personal fallibility doesn’t enter in and they become fact. They were handed down by people like Socrates, of whom records of shitting on his own leg don’t survive so we ignore the possibility that he may have and it seems laughable. We elevate dead men who said cool shit to godhood and forget their humanity. We chain them with praise, we limit their sphere of influence and we shit on their legacy.

People are people are people are people. Hypocrisy is inevitable, it’s a part of growth but because members of this pantheon from history represent the idea they created, we use them to symbolize just that, nothing else. I believe things are more dynamic than that. Machiavelli probably did favors for someone without a hope for gaining a favor, Crowley went to church as a child and I imagine, at some point, he was into it. Subscribing entirely to one thing is naming the demon. Once a demon’s name is learned it becomes sublimated to the speaker of the name, it becomes limited to the will of the owner. Concepts work the same way.

So poke your head into what you’re afraid of because what you fear isn’t “just scary” you are. Once you name your fear, it becomes your possession and you control it. The divisions people seem to take so seriously are arbitrary but because there is History these associations have become commonplace and because we’ve put hip people on a pedestal, the divisions seem to be intrinsic properties of the universe. This is the fallacy of being Human. Aren’t we great?  





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