Just Some Questions

We are being continuously bombarded with several points of view every day of our lives. We are even taught how to cope with these varying descriptions of the behavior of existence and ourselves. In fact, we are taught too many coping mechanisms for this problem. We are almost as overwhelmed by coping mechanisms as we are discrepancies. 

When faced with a conflict, we have been taught to turn the other cheek by nearly every prophetic figure yet we are at the same time, taught to not take any guff and stick up for ourselves. Well, what the hell is that?  Roughly translated, that means the alleged being who decides what happens to us when we die says to let transgressions go but our society teaches us to fight for what we believe in, no matter how small. The most foul part, is that the society teaching us to fight for our beliefs reveres the teacher of turning the other cheek. With this appalling hypocrisy so close to a mental epicenter of our lives, how can we properly navigate the rest of the world? When we have conflicts within about very fundamental aspects of our lives, how can we make any progress that isn’t similarly confused?  


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