The Right Angle


 They made the Suicide Stick a year or two ago when they legalized the drugs. The money to fight the tide of use and abuse all went to waste so they flipped it over and just made it legal. It wasn’t a difficult fight for legalization; most of the politicians were in bed with the dealers anyhow. It’s just good business. 

   The first day the product hit all of the shops turned the city upside down, although it was more colorful. Legislation has been trying to catch up with the mechanical amphetamine horse that congress released from the stable that we all assumed would never be opened. The infrastructure of the city even fell to the torrid storm of psychotropic madness. Cops were trying to make vandalism arrests while having their construct of meaning torn asunder by MDMA hallucinations, dealers were doing their whole supply because no one wanted street grime in their sandwich bag when they could hit 7/11 and pick up a regulated sack of dope for cheaper. I saw someone park their car in the middle of the road with the hazards on and sit cross-legged behind it to watch the lights blink. Society was in a state of transition. 

   On the day that the products landed, they invented one that came to be known as The Suicide Stick. This was an item in the vain of a joint, a rolled up piece of rice paper that was full of the most heinous phenelthylamines, tryptamines, opiates, psychedelics and agonizingly brilliant sprinkles of amphetamines. The Stick was a foot long but most people made it through four inches before they went into a coma or a chemical-adrenaline rage that left them halfway out of their cars which were halfway out of the wall of an apartment building. We’ve had a lot of traffic accidents lately.  

      This Stick was the solution to the social disease of addiction. If the people who really wanted to get high could get higher than they have ever been with a few tokes out of this -thing- naturally, they would want to keep smoking it. They would smoke as far as they could, go insane, and then in that stupor they would be presumed to die. The rampage that followed the conversion to hysteria would likely end other lives and cause damage to business, costing money in law enforcement, repairs, prison time and funerals, all keeping the economy smoothly rolling along. 




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